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48 thoughts on “Don’t Waste Your Money: Craigslist scams

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  5. Crimeslist.
    What a fucking waste of a website.
    There should be a brick and mortar place where people can come and it’s moderated at all times.
    Pay a small fee ($10/month) and be a member.

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  7. for big buys, go to a police station and do transaction there, if the seller or buyer say no, fk them say noooooooooooooooooooo

  8. Kind of sad to see scammers raiding this comment section with their “I turned $30 into $1000 check this website out” bullshit, in the video that IS TARGETED AGAINST THE SCAMMERS.
    As for Craigslist, always meet in the public place such as a mall. If you are selling, bring the special devices such as the currency pen or that blue light they use in stores to check that the money are real. If you buy, check the product very carefully. Bring the camera with you, videotape will scare off the dirtbags

  9. stop defending Obama if he is trying to take that one type of gun it will only be time befor he wants the next kind and the next until he gets all your guns. its not the fact that hes trying to get the bigger guns from u its the fact the hes trying to take a gun from you in the first place

  10. sad and not sorry for you haha, how does something touching your crotch end up so stupid. use your mind not your dick


  12. I once met a guy who wanted to buy my used mac in the middle of the nevada desert. He was in a beat up old chevy caprice and wearing a woman’s dress. He seemed like a nice guy.

  13. I’d just go out and be totally broke, except for the monopoly money I’ve been saving up from past games, and then do this little trick with home depot…If you think about it, they’re still making a killing, but the only thing is, what you’re getting is real, and what they’re getting isn’t. Scam the scammers..well, still gotta win back the monopoly money.

  14. Hell I got fake money at a gas station for a flat screen tv……. When I went to pay my electric bill the next day did i find out the money was fake. fI was told to call the police in my county to file a report. They told me i had to file a report in the county it happened in. So i called the other police department. They kept jerking me around telling me to call the other one. I finaly got a detective to investigate but they said there was pretty much nothing that could be done. People areLAZY

  15. federalwarhawk : LOL , next time you go to home depot , just make sure you put your wallet in the trunk where they can’t rub it like it’s a geanie.

  16. haha point the business end of that at someone and i dont think they’ll even try to haggle the price down.

  17. I always request to meet at a public parking lot of a store. Gas station or my last purchase was done in the parking lot of Harbor Freight tools because it just so happened that myself and the seller both needed to shop at harbor freight. NEVER conduct a craigslist purchase or sell at your house or the other party’s house that’s just asking for trouble.

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